Bertha Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Lublinitz
FatherLoebel (Jehuda, Lieb) Gassmann (1778-87 – 31/05/1861) 
MotherFriederike (Rebeka/Rivka/Eva) Epstein (ca 1792 – 1874) 
Partner Adolph (Zac) Apt (15/06/1814 – 24/11/1892)

Married Poland, Schlesien, Lublinitz



Markus Heinrich (Merkel Hirsch) Apt (17/05/1839 – 08/02/1929)

Rosalie Apt (02/07/1841 – 29/07/1899)

Eva Apt (26/06/1843 – 02/09/1868)

Caecilia (Jettulie) Apt (10/07/1844 – 16/03/1913)

Charlotte Apt (15/07/1845 – 27/03/1933)

Fedor Apt (16/03/1847 – )

Moritz Apt (28/04/1851 – )

Jacob (Fritz?) Apt (07/06/1852 – 12/03/1939)

Klara Apt (14/08/1853 – 05/09/1942)

Richard Apt (26/05/1857 – 20/03/1926)


KH says that Bertha married Adolf Apt, her family comes from Langendorf and she was born ca 1816.

Her parents' names are derived from UN which place a Bertha Gassmann, wife of Adolf Apt, among the children of Loebel and Rivka Epstein. records the birth of a "Beata Gassmann" in Langendorf in March 1815 to Loebel and Rebeca.

According to the UN, she was an aunt, rather than a cousin, of the twelve Gassmann siblings whom KH described as "probably" children of a brother of Bertha's father; however the 15 year age gap between Bertha and her brother Heimann, father of the "cousins", may explain the generation slip in KH's recollection.

The dob shown here is taken from a JRI-Poland record of the birth of "Beata Gassmann" to Loebel and Eva Epstein in Langendorf. MT notes: Henry has the sixth child in his records as Bertha with June 6 1815 as the birthdate.

KH mentions Lublinitz in relation to her husband; this is also given as his place of residence in his 1835 passport as well as their son Jacob's 1828 marriage certificate. Daughter Caecelia's death certificate says that both her parents died in Lublinitz.

My 3 x great grandmother.

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