Richard Apt

Poland, Schlesien, Lublinitz
Germany, Berlin
FatherAdolph (Zac) Apt (15/06/1814 – 24/11/1892) 
MotherBertha Gassmann (06/02/1815 – ) 
Partner Regina (Freude) Bodlaender (17/04/1865 – )


Fritz Werner Apt (10/04/1890 – 18/05/1962)

Kaethe Apt (14/10/1892 – 01/07/1955)


Title: doctor.

Owner of the "Brunnen" Apothek in Berlin.

Witnessed his brother Marcus's second marriage in Berlin in 1904.

His death certificate gives his age as 58 years, but all other sources point to his being born in 1857, so he would have died aged 68 years.

For more on the Apt pharmacy in Berlin, owned by Richard and subsequently by his son Fritz, please see

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