Eva Apt

FatherAdolph (Zac) Apt (15/06/1814 ‑ ) 
MotherBertha Gassmann (06/02/1815 ‑ ) 


Flora Prager (ca 1875 ‑ )

Paula Prager (ca 1875 ‑ )

Partner Isaac Emil Prager (17/06/1847 ‑ 06/10/1905)


MT's research names Eva's husband as Arnold Prager; [KH] names him only as Prager but identifies him as the Landesrabbiner of Kassel. The Landesrabbiner of Kassel from 1885 to his death in 1905 was Isaac Prager, succeding Dr. Lazarus Levi Adler (born 1810, in post 1852 to 1884). From 1881 (4 years before taking up the post) Isaac Prager was married to Julie Seegal. Julie outlived Isaac, and it is her name, rather than Eva's that appears on his tombstone.

I have not found any source to confirm Eva's marriage to Landesrabbiner Isaac Prager (or her birth, death or marriage to anyone else).


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alemannia-judaica.de - Texte zur Geschichte der Rabbiner, Lehrer und Kultusbeamten sowie zur jüdischen Schule und dem Israelitischen Lehrerseminar in Kassel.

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