Sources and acknowledgements


Much of my early research (circa 1995) into the British families was done in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints Family History Centres in Sunderland and Reading. I am enormously indebted to the LDS both for their microfilming and indexing of archive material, especially UK census returns and birth, marriage and death registers, and for the facilities and support which they offered to researchers in those pre-internet days.

Online resources

I am grateful to, and commend to other researchers, the following websites; please consider supporting their on-going work as appropriate.

General genealogy

UK genealogy

Jewish genealogy - worldwide

Jewish genealogy - Polish / Silesian

The Nazi regime and Holocaust

Other people's research

I am grateful to everyone who has made their research available, either online or through personal contact, and through this website I hope to be able to reciprocate and help others in their research. Where a side branch of my family tree is already documented by another researcher's online publication I have provided a link to the relevant website from the record of the person in my tree from whom the branch starts.

Where I have used another researcher's infomation about my family's origins I have cited them as the source on the relevant people's page; in this respect I am particularly grateful to the following:

Dennis Crosby, Alan and Roy Storm

In the late 1990s or early 2000s Dennis provided the Yorkshire origins of the Crosby line; Dennis's work was subsequently published in print format as Dennis Crosby, Free-Trading in Robin Hood's Bay 1600-1840 (, 2019, ISBN 10: 0244455597, ISBN 13: 9780244455590 ). Alan and Roy incorporated much of the same history in the print and online formats, see Alan Storm, Storm And Company of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire (Caedemon of Whitby, 1993, ISBN 10: 0905355415, ISBN 13: 9780905355412) and

UN's notes (incorporating Lotte Dawidow's notes)

UN's late aunt, Lotte Dawidow (born Gassmann) is, like me, a descendant of Loebel Gassmann. UN kindly sent me a copy of his notes which comprise information from Lotte's papers and current family members. As the notes include living people they are not shown here - please contact me for more information. UN's notes contain a substantial amount of information which also appears in my grandmother Kaethe Danziger geb. Halberstaedter's "Bertha Gassmann's cousins" notes, confirming the common ancestry.

MT's research

MT is a niece of Henry Staub and a descendant of Loebel Gassmann. Through this common ancestor she is my 5th cousin. Her notes are a synthesis of Henry's extensive records, her own research and information from Mike Liebermann. Like UN's notes, some parts of MT's notes confirm my grandmother's recollection, while others fill in the gaps in what my grandmother knew and recorded. I am very grateful to MT for sending me a copy of her extensive family tree and allowing me to copy freely from it.

Mike Liebermann's research

Both UN and MT draw on Mike Liebermann's research. The common origin of the Nothmann, Gassmann, Katz and Cohn families presented in this website is taken from a web page whose address suggests that it is derived from his work and which I tentatively refer to in my sources as Mike Liebermann's webpage.

Leo Baeck Institute's Fred Halbers Collection

Fred Halbers, born Fritz Halberstaedter, was a first cousin of my grandmother. He left a substantial collection of papers, including extensive genealogical research and photographs, to the Leo Baeck Institute; these have been microfilmed and made available online at to An online index is available here.

ML's research - Therese Sachs' 90th birthday

ML kindly shared her research into her family, in particular a photograph of a family gathering taken in 1914 on the 90th birthday of her great great great grandmother Therese Sachs. Among those in the photograph are Therese's 16 year old grandson, Alfred Jarislowsky and her 14 year old great granddaughter Kaete Gassmann who would later marry. Kaete is a descendant of my ancestor Loebel (Jehuda, Lieb) Gassmann, and her parents, Richard Gassmann and Irma Herz, are mentioned in my grandmother's notes.

Family records and recollections

Kaethe Halberstaedter's notes

My grandmother made or dictated extensive notes; they were probably written between 1942 and 1949.

Albert and Rosa Danziger, Conditorei, Kattowitz

A single page of notes from an unattributed hand detailing the descendants of Albert and Rosa Danziger.

Ancestors of Hilde Weissenberg

Nachfahren von Jacob Weissenberg und Rosalie Deutsch by Hilde Gerrard neé Weissenberg


Birth, marriage and death certificates