Merkel Apt

Bornca 1780
Partner Hanschel Gassmann (ca 1785 – )


Pinkus Apt (ca 1812 – )

Partner Ester Gassmann (ca 1785 – )


Adolph (Zac) Apt (15/06/1814 – )


Merkel's name is linked to family members in two sources: in one he is married to Hanschel Gassmann and father of Pinkus, in the other he is married to Ester Gassmann and father of Adolph. I assume that both sources refer to the same Merkel, but this is not yet certain.

Since Ester and Hanschel are of the first generation to be born with the Gassmann surname in the region, and only one person in the region - Fabian-Feibusch Gassmann - is known to have adopted the Gassmann surname in the previous generation I assume that both are daughters of Fabian-Feibusch Gassmann.

Regardless of whether there were one or two Merkel Apts, and whether his (or their) wives were sisters, his (or their) sons Pinkus and Adolph married the eldest daughters of Fabian-Feibusch Gassmann's son Loebel Gassmann.

Adolph's father lived in Himmelwitz at the time that Adolph's birth was attested (1834); however in the same year as Adolph was born (1814) Merkel was registered as a resident of Langendorf, the home of the Gassmann family.

My 4 x great grandfather.


MT's research - husband of Hanschel Gassmann, father of Pinkus;
Adolph's birth certiciate - names parents as Merkel and Ester Gassmann; - The GerSIG Name Adoption List Index (NALDEX).

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