Jesaya, Schaye Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Zuelz
Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
FatherJehuda-Loeb Kohen-Zedek (.../07/1718 – 1775) 


Pine Nothmann (ca 1760 – )

Partner Jettel (ca 1745 – 1826)



Rosel Nothmann (1767-68 – 17/09/1843)

Samuel Schaya Nothmann (14/01/1773 – 08/05/1852)

Josef Nothmann (10/08/1775 – 15/08/1859)

Loebel Nothmann (20/09/1778 – )

Eva Nothmann (13/03/1781 – 15/04/1851)

Hannah Nothmann (ca 1785 – )

Salomon Nothmann (1788 – 14/03/1847)


The "Nothmann Chronicle", quoting "The Book of Death of the Jewish Families in the District of Tost (Gleiwitz)" gives his date of death as 08/03/1815. In "Die Geschichte der Familie Nothmann" Friedrich Nothmann quotes from his gravestone and equates 27 Tischri 5576 to 8 October 1815. Mike Liebermann and JRI-Poland also give 08/10/1815.

However, 27 Tischri 5576 actually corresponds to Tuesday, October 31, 1815 or the preceding evening. Accepting "zweiten Wochentag" ("second weekday") as an accurate transcription of the gravestone, this would indicate that he died on the Monday evening.

The widely quoted date of 08/10/1815 would have been 4-5 Tischrei. Nevertheless, this is the date given in the Gleiwitz Jewish death records.

His gravestone, seen in the early twentieth century, reportedly bore the inscription:
"Der Geist des Mannes, der hier ruht, hat sich mit Macht emporgeschwungen zu Himmelshoehen, zur Ruhestatt des Paradieses, Um einst erweckt zu werden aus dem Grabe zur Zeit der Auferstehung, und den Lohn des Erdenwandels zu empfangen, -
der ehrwuerdige Jeschajahu,
Sohn der ehrwuerdigen Jehuda Loeb, Kohen Zedek, gestorben und beerdigen am zweiten Wochentag, dem 27. Tischri 5576"
"The spirit of the man who rests here, has risen with power to heaven's heights, the resting place of paradise, to be awakened from the grave at the time of the resurrection, and to receive the reward for the time on earth, -
the reverend Jeschajahu,
son of the venerable Jehuda Loeb, Righteous Priest, died and buried on the second weekday, 27. Tischri 5576"

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