Rosel Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
? FatherJesaya, Schaye Nothmann (1739 – 08/10/1815) 
? MotherJettel (ca 1745 – 1826) 
Partner Benjamin Wolff Friedlaender (ca 1765 – )



Pincus Friedlaender (1806-07 – )


Rosel's name and date of birth come from a record of her son's marriage. The record shows that Rosel's husband came from Langendorf, the home town of Jesaia-Schaye Nothmann, and her death record shows her living there at her death. Since Jesaia-Schaye was the first person in his family to take the Nothmann surname, and Rosel is contemporary with his children, I have assumed that Rosel is his daughter.

Aged 75 years when she died in 1843. The JRI-Poland transcription of her death record mistakenly renders her surname as Kochmann.


JRI-Poland; (left page) and (right page) - Gleiwitz Jewish death records.

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