Adolf (Ascher) Gassmann

Bornca 1810
? Father Gassmann (ca 1780 – ) 
? Mother 
Partner Helene, Emilie, Jettel (BLYML) Prager (05/07/1822 – 17/05/1888)


Ferdinand (Fabian) Gassmann (.../01/1841 – 08/09/1897)

Amalie Gassmann (24/02/1842 – )

Goldine (Henriette) Gassmann (1843 – 01/02/1919)

Joachim (Heimann) Gassmann (02/12/1843 – )

Rosalie Gassmann (ca 1851 – 25/09/1900)


Adolf's father is uncertian, however, it is probable that Adolf is a grandson of Fabian-Feibusch Gassmann and I have created a placeholder for his father to create this link. A tree on shows his father as Loebel Jehuda Gassmann.

Isaac and his wife could each be the conflation of two siblings.

Fabian's name and marriage to a Nothmann strongly suggests that Ascher is a grandson of Fabian-Feibusch Gassmann.

His son Ferdinand's gravestone describes Isaac as "Ha Cohen", alluding to the priesly origins of the Gassmann family.

According to Joachim's 1877 marriage certificate, Ascher was deceased and his last residence was in Himmelwitz, while Joachim's mother, named as Emilie Jettel Gassmann geb. Prager was living in Zabrze.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Amalie, daughter of Adolph and Helene.

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