Helene, Emilie, Jettel (BLYML) Prager

Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Himmelwitz
Poland, Schlesien, Dorotheendorf
FatherAlexander Prager (ca 1780 – 20/04/1866) 
MotherErnestine (Ester) Spiegel (ca 1780 – 12/02/1867) 
Partner Adolf (Ascher) Gassmann (ca 1810 – )


Ferdinand (Fabian) Gassmann (.../01/1841 – 08/09/1897)

Amalie Gassmann (24/02/1842 – )

Goldine (Henriette) Gassmann (1843 – 01/02/1919)

Joachim (Heimann) Gassmann (02/12/1843 – )

Rosalie Gassmann (ca 1851 – 25/09/1900)


The gravestone which muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl attributes to Goldine (Helene) Gassmann identifies her as the daughter of Sander and wife of Ascher Gassmann, but gives her Hebrew first name as BLYML and her date of death as 7 Sivan 5648 (17/05/1888). In all other respects, these details match those on the death certificatae for Helene Gassmann.

Furthermore, a death certificate for Goldine Gassmann geb. Prager says that her husband was Isaak and her parents were Alexander Prager and Ernestine geb. Schindler, and it gives her date of death as 20/02/1893 - so clearly the gravestone is not hers.

I suspect that muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl has conflated two sisters who both married members of the Gassmann family.

muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl gives Goldine's date of birth as 05/07/1822. Goldine's death certificate suggests she was born in 1806-07, while's Helene's death certificate says she died aged 66 years and so was born in 1821-22, so I have tentatively accepted this date of birth for Helene.

Amalie's (second) marriage certificate names her parents as Adolf Gassmann and Helene geb. Prager.

A later Goldine's death certificate names her parents as Ascher Gassmann and Helene geb. Prager of Himmelwitz.

Joachim's marriage certificate names his parents as Ascher Gassmann of Himmelwitz and Emilie Jettel geb. Prager. Ferdinand (Fabian)'s marriage record identifies the same parents, but Ferdinand also reported Helene's death, describing her as his mother, so there seems no doubt that Emilie Jettel is Helene.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

- muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl - Goldine (Helene), daughter of Alexander Prager and Ernestine Schindler, wife of Isaac and mother of Ferdinand, born 05/07/1822 in Himmelwitz, died 17/05/1888 in Dorotheendorf;
- muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl - Amalie, daughter of Adolf and Helene, born 1842 in Himmelwitz;
- muzeum-miejskie-zabrze.pl - Goldine, daughter of Ascher and Helene, born 1844 in Himmelwitz.

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