Bornca 1780
? FatherFabian-Feibusch Gassmann (1750 – 22/02/1809) 
? MotherEva (ca 1750 – ) 


Adolf (Ascher) Gassmann (ca 1810 – )

Isaac Gassmann (ca 1810 – )

Josef Gassmann (ca 1825 – )


A place-holder to link 3rd generation members of the Gassmann clan in the Oppeln region to its progenitor. It is very likely that Ascher and Isaac were brothers: all of their children were born in Himmelwitz, about 10 miles west of the Gassmann home village of Langendorf. Josef's birthplace is not known; his wife was from Proskau, about 20 miles west of Himmelwitz.

I have assumed that these Gassmann lines are descended from the Cohn/Katz/Gassmann/Nothmann family of Langendorf for several reasons:
1. I have found no other origins for a Jewish Gassmann family in Silesia.
2. Isaac and Ascher married sisters from the Prager family of Langendorf.
3. Ascher's son Ferdinand married a member of the Nothmann family.
4. Himmelwitz, the home town of Ascher and Isaac, was also the home town of the Adolf Apt who married Bertha Gassmann born in Langedorf; Adolf's older brother Pinkus also married a member of the Langendorf Gassmann family.
5. Salomon Ferdinand Apt, whose mother and grandfather were from the Langendorf Gassmann family, witnessed the marriage of Moses Samuel and Johanna Brandt. Johanna's mother was a Gassmann of unknown origins, but Johanna's brother Heinrich married Lina Gassmann, a granddaughter of Isaac.

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