Ferdinand (Fabian) Gassmann

Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Himmelwitz
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherAdolf (Ascher) Gassmann (ca 1810 – ) 
MotherHelene, Emilie, Jettel (BLYML) Prager (05/07/1822 – 17/05/1888) 
Partner Jenny Nothmann (1844 – 17/05/1932)

Married 10/01/1870



Elfriede Gassmann (1869-70 – 19/09/1935)

Georg Gassmann (ca 1870 – )

Oscar Gassmann (1871 – 18/02/1884)

Arthur Gassmann (23/10/1872 – 14/02/1941)

Gertrud Gassmann (23/04/1875 – 11/05/1922)


Lived and died in Beuthen.

Aged 28 years and named as Fabian when he married Jenny Nothmann in January 1870, so born in 1841 or the first few days of 1842. The marriage record names his parents as Ascher Gassmann and Emilie Jettel Prager.

Aged 56 years and named as Fabian when he witnessed his son Arthur's marriage in April 1897 so born April 1840 to April 1841.

Ferdinand, born in Himmelwitz, husband of Jenny geb. Nothmann, died aged 56 years 8 months on 08/09/1897 so born early 1841; death reported by son Georg.

Oscar's death certificate names his parents as Ferdinand Gassmann and Jenny geb. Nothmann.
Arthur's marriage certificate names his parents as Fabian Gassmann and Jenny geb. Nothmann.
Gertrude's birth certificate names her parents as Ferdinand and Jenny geb. Nothmann.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

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Arthur Gassmann's and Emma Nehab's marriage certificate - Fabian's age;
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - records Ferdiand's burial in Beuthen and gives almost the same date of death (03/09/1897) as the death certificate.

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