Pinkus Apt

Bornca 1812
Poland, Opole Voivodeship, Gross Strehlitz
FatherMerkel Apt (ca 1780 – ) 
MotherHanschel Gassmann (ca 1785 – ) 
Partner Rosalie (Roshel / Rahel) Gassmann (23/03/1812 – 28/12/1901)



Salomon Ferdinand Apt (05/09/1833 – 07/05/1888)

Johanna Apt (02/11/1836 – 19/06/1906)

Markus Apt (15/05/1837 – 27/06/1922)

Selma Apt (03/07/1839 – 17/06/1892)

Friederike Apt (13/03/1841 – 05/04/1875)

Moritz Apt (03/01/1843 – 1921)

Bertha (Bubette) Apt (26/06/1846 – )

Adolf Apt (23/07/1848 – 26/10/1927)

Malwina Apt (27/11/1854 – 27/05/1931)

Simon Apt (17/09/1856 – ca 1925)



MT notes: Henry has written: Familie Pinkus Apt, Gross-Strehlitz.

The 1914 Upper Silesia business directory (page 116) lists Markus Apt as the owner of a Manufakturwarenhdlg (manufactured goods) business named Pinkus Apt in Gross Strehlitz. Friederike's death certificate also puts her parents, named as Pinkus and Rosalie, in Gross Strehlitz. describes Pinkus as a grain trader and mayor of Rozmierz, a village less than 5 miles northwest of Gross Strehlitz.

His wife Rosalie's 1901 death certificate describes her as a widow and says that Pinkus died in Gross Strehlitz.

The parents of Heinrich and Emma are named as Pinkus Apt and Rebekka, suggesting that either Pinkus had a second marriage or their father was a different Pinkus. Heinrich's marriage certificate says that they died in Ratibor which leads me to belive that their father was a namesake.


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