Kaethe Halberstaedter

Poland, Schlesien, Koenigshuette
UK, England
FatherGeorg Halberstaedter (06/11/1867 ‑ 30/07/1934) 
MotherMartha Borinski (18/01/1868 ‑ 14/09/1937) 
Partner Fritz Albert Joseph Danziger (27/08/1891 ‑ 10/10/1954)

Married 22/06/1919 Breslau


Fritz Danziger's and Kaethe Halberstaedter's Stammbuch
Breslau II wedding records for 1919, record no. 657.


Walter Danziger (22/06/1924 ‑ 26/09/2002)


At school in Berlin-Halensee,
June 1901
Aged late teens or
early 20s?
in Wiesbaden

Kaethe moved with her parents to Berlin and then to Wiesbaden where her father managed a Salamander shoe shop. Her father sent her to Breslau to learn his trade in the shoe retail business.

Kaethe married Fritz Danziger in Breslau in 1919. Their Stammbuch gives her address as Breslau, Augustastrasse 84, which was the home of Fritz's aunt Fanny Schlesinger geb. Danziger and her family. By 1924, when their son Walter was born, Kaethe and Fritz were living in Berlin, and they remained there until they were forced to flee in about 1937. Kaethe escaped with her daughter to England and eventually settled in Bradford, Yorkshire at 9, Thorncliffe Square. Fritz and Walter emigrated to Sweden.


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thegazette.co.uk - naturalisation on 3 March, 1948;
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