Ernestine (Ester) Majud

Bornca 1790
Partner Merkel Apt (ca 1780 – )


Adolph (Zac) Apt (15/06/1814 – )

Partner Benjamin Ring (ca 1805 – )


Caecilie Ring (1833-36 – 04/08/1898)

Rosalie Ring (1843-44 – 18/06/1879)


Named on daughter Caecilie's death certificate. Surname also spelt MAJUTH in the JRI-Poland record of Caecilie's marriage.

Named as the mother of Adolph Apt on his birth attestation as Ester geb. Gassmann; however a record which appears likely to be that of Adolph's marriage says that her maiden name was Majud and that she subsequently married Ring - see Merkel's page for a fuller explanation.

My 4 x great grandmother.

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