Hanschel Gassmann

Bornca 1785
? FatherFabian-Feibusch Gassmann (1750 – 22/02/1809) 
? MotherEva (ca 1750 – ) 
Partner Merkel Apt (ca 1780 – )


Pinkus Apt (1806-07 – )


Hanschel's parents are unknown; however she is a contemporary of Loebel (Jehuda, Lieb) Gassmann whose father Fabian-Faibisch Gassmann was the first in his family to take the Gassmann surname. Unless there were already other Gassmann families in the area, Fabian would have been the only adult male Gassmann in the area when Hanchel was born, so I assume he is her father.

Hanschel and Ester Gassmann may be the German and Hebrew names of the same person, since they were both married to a Merkel Apt.

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