Fritz Albert Joseph Danziger

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherIsidor (Yitzhak) Danziger (17/05/1854 – 12/04/1902) 
MotherRosalie Schlesinger (13/09/1869 – ca 1942) 
Partner Kaethe Halberstaedter (05/07/1895 – 22/08/1963)

Married 22/06/1919 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau


Fritz Danziger's and Kaethe Halberstaedter's Stammbuch
Breslau II wedding records for 1919, record no. 657.


Walter Danziger (22/06/1924 – 26/09/2002)


His wife, Kaethe, says he was born in Gleiwitz; however his Stammbuch says he was born in Zawodzie, Kattowitz, which is where his father, Isidor, lived. A German researcher reports that the 1939 census, which identifies him by birth date and recent emigration to Sweden, also says he was born in Zawodzie, Kattowitz. As his parents were living in business accomodation it is quite possible that his mother, Rosalie, spent her confinement with relatives in Gleiwitz.

Fritz and Kaethe married in Breslau in 1919 but lived in Berlin from at least 1922 until the political situation in Germany forced them to leave. Kaethe, whose qualifications in catering and hotel management met Britain's entry requirements, emigrated to England with their daughter in about 1937; Fritz emigrated to Sweden with their son in about 1938.

Their son Walter's birth certificate gives their address as Pallassstrasse 8/9. The Berlin address books for 1922 to 1924 list a Fritz Danziger at this address, and in 1924 the entry adds a business address at Turmstrasse 19.

His business was again listed at Turmstrasse 19 in 1925 (described in this entry only as "typewriter") but the residential address is now given as Freidenau, Mainauer Str 13. The same business address is given in newspaper advertisements for Fritz's typewriter business through 1925, and the same residential address is given on their son Walter's birth announcement in June 1924. The move from Pallassstrasse to Mainauerstrasse was probably prompted by Walter's arrival.

From 1926 until 1934 he continued to live at Mainauer (Meinauer) Strasse 13 and is described as a businessman (kaufmann); no business address is given after 1925. His businesses in Berlin included stationery (possibly an expansion from his early involvement in typewriters) and camera lenses. Later he ran an import/export business with connections with Sweden. In 1938, in the face of growing repression of Jewish life in Germany and lacking qualifications to accompany his wife to Great Britain, he emigrated to Sweden with their son and continued to run his business from there.

My grandfather.

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