Georg Halberstaedter

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
Germany, Berlin
FatherHerrmann (Zvi) Halberstaedter (22/01/1826 – 23/03/1880) 
MotherHenriette Prager (02/01/1838 – 26/06/1895) 
Partner Martha Borinski (18/01/1868 – 14/09/1937)


Kaethe Halberstaedter (05/07/1895 – 22/08/1963)

Walter Halberstaedter (18/03/1896 – 20/11/1917)

Sigfried Samuel Halberstaedter (10/07/1897 – 27/08/1918)

Erwin Halberstaedter (02/02/1899 – 03/06/1961)


Sources disagree about his place of birth: Fritz Halberstaedter says Militsch while his death certificate says Gleiwitz as does Kaethe Halberstaedter.

Georg lived in Beuthen as a child. His son Erwin's birth was recorded in Gleiwitz. At the time of Erwin's birth, Georg was described as a Gasthausbesitzer (owner of an inn) which makes him the likely victim of a kleptomaniac.

His daughter Kaethe's early schooldays were spent in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, suggesting a move from Gleiwitz to Berlin around 1900. It seems likely, given the scarcity of the family name in upper Silesia, that Georg is the Halberstaedter selling two apartments in Gleiwitz's Coselerstrasse 3 in 1900.

He was employed from about 1909 to 1933 as manager of the Salamander shoe stores in Kiel and later in Wiesbaden; (according to Kaethe's Stammbuch the family was in Wiesbaden when she married in 1919).

Georg is listed in the Berlin address book for 1928 at his brother Ernst's address in Wilmersdorf, Joachim Friedrich Strasse 28; possibly looking after Ernst's household and/or business for a short duration.

Georg died and was cremated in Berlin.

My great grandfather.

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