Walter Danziger

Germany, Berlin
Sweden, Stockholm
FatherFritz Albert Joseph Danziger (27/08/1891 – 10/10/1954) 
MotherKaethe Halberstaedter (05/07/1895 – 22/08/1963) 
Partner Thea (Dorothea) Hermann (24/06/1922 – 29/05/2011)


Walter was born in Berlin at the Adass Yisroel Jewish hospital at Elsaesser Strasse, 85.

Record of Walter's birth in
my grandparents' Stammbuch
Walter's birth certificate
Record of Walter's schooling in
Berlin and transfer to Sweden

Following his mother's and sister's emigration to England (ca. 1937) Walter lived in, and went to school at, the Jewish orphanage in Berlin-Pankow while his father was establishing their future life in Sweden. Walter joined his father in Sweden in the spring of 1938.


With thanks to Dr. Gabriele Bergner who obtained a copy of Walter's birth certificate and school record.

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