David Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
FatherSalomon Czwiklitzer (04/10/1805 – 24/06/1872) 
MotherCharlotte Wachsmann (20/07/1814 – ) 
Partner Johanna (Handel) Borinski (1838-39 – 16/09/1914)

Married 01/05/1868


Marriage registration, Myslowitz


Ludwig Czwiklitzer (07/01/1869 – )

Hugo Czwiklitzer (13/09/1870 – 1939)

Karl Czwiklitzer (20/09/1871 – )

Siegfried Czwiklitzer (29/10/1872 – 19/08/1873)

Ernst Czwiklitzer (23/11/1874 – )

Lucie Czwiklitzer (08/06/1876 – )

Adolf Czwiklitzer (08/12/1878 – 25/08/1956)


Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter) spells the family name "Zwicklitzer"; however all the records in familysearch.org and JRI-Poland use "Czwiklitzer", as does Johanna and David's tombstone.

He is listed in the 1910 and 1914 Kattowitz address books at Grundmannstrasse 18, which he shared with his son Adolf. Ernst's birth certificate (1874) gives the same address.

David founded a factory and shop making and selling soap in Kattowitz in 1867. According to BM, a historian of Załęże district it was his son, Adolf, who expanded the family business by opening the factory making toilet soaps and soap powder in the Załęże region of Kattowitz in around 1923.

David is claimed to be the first soap manufacurer in Upper Silesia. The business's successor is Katowickie Zakłady Chemii Gospodarczej "Pollena - Savona".

An article on page 2 of the November 2009 edition of "Nasze Katowice" about Katowice's Jewish cemetery claims that David and Adolf were the inventors of Nivea Cream. However, beiersdorf.com does not mention either of them in its history of the product.

His tombstone says he died on 06/10/1916 in his 74th year, so he was born in 1842-43. It also names his father in Hebrew as SLOM (a cognate of Salomon).

Pless family record

The Pless family records include the family of a Salomon Cwicklitzer whose children include David born 27/11/1842 and Simon; a Simon Czwiklitzer lived in Katowice at the same time as David.


Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter)’s "Borinski" notes gives only his surname and shows him as the husband of Johanna Borisnki;
A double tombstone in Kozilska Street Cemetery, Katowice, names David as the husband of Johanna Borinski and says that he died in his 74th year;
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