Adolf Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
UK, London, St Pancras Hospital
FatherDavid Czwiklitzer (27/11/1842 – 06/10/1916) 
MotherJohanna (Handel) Borinski (1838-39 – 16/09/1914) 
Partner Lucy (1891-92 – 03/06/1951)


Adolf expanded his father's soap business, opening a factory making toilet soaps and soap powder in the Załęże region of Kattowitz in around 1923. The business's successor is Katowickie Zakłady Chemii Gospodarczej "Pollena - Savona".

An article on page 2 of the November 2009 edition of "Nasze Katowice" about Kattowitz's Jewish cemetery claims that David and Adolf were the inventors of Nivea Cream. However, does not mention either of them in its history of the product.

Listed in the 1910 and 1914 Kattowitz address books at Grundmannstrasse 18, which he shared with his father David. Listed at the same address as the owner of David's soap factory in the 1928 telephone book (Grundmannstrasse was renamed as 3 Maja in Polish). Also listed in the same role in the 1939 Kattowitz telephone directory.

An Adolf Czwiklitzer living in Hampstead, London and formerly from Poland was naturalised by Great Britain in March 1956. A Piotr Czwiklitzer graduated from Kattowitz's Mikolaj Kopernik school in 1938. On 12/11/1948 the London Gazette listed the naturalisation of Piotr (known as Peter) Czwiklitzer, an architectural student from Poland.

[Adolf's death certificate]

The death of an Adolph Czwiklitzer, living at the same address in London, was registered in St. Pancras in August 1956; he died aged 78 years, so he was born 1877-78. His death certificate describes him as a retired soap manufacturer. The death was reported by his son, Peter.

The death of a Lucy Czwiklitzer aged 59 years was registered in London, Hampstead in Q3 1951, so born 1891-92. Her death certificate describes her as the wife of Adolf, and gives the same address as that given on Adolf's death certificate.

A list of passengers on MS PIŁSUDSKI for a tourist trip around the Norwegian fjords on 19-30 August 1936 includes Adolf, Lucy and Piotr Czwiklitzer; the relationship of these three people to each other is not given, but it is probable that they were this family.

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