Salomon Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Orzesche
FatherSchmaia Czwiklitzer (21/07/1753 – 05/03/1831) 
MotherMarianne (08/04/1765 – 05/11/1828) 


Simon Czwiklitzer (26/09/1837 – 11/01/1898)

Pfol? Czwiklitzer (01/03/1839 – )

Mariam Czwiklitzer (06/01/1841 – )

David Czwiklitzer (27/11/1842 – 06/10/1916)

Emilie Czwiklitzer (1845 – )

Heinrich Czwiklitzer (13/09/1845 – 11/08/1850)

Noe / Noak Czwiklitzer (1847 – )

Partner Charlotte Wachsmann (20/07/1814 – )

Married 07/12/1836


Partner Henriette (Jettel) Knobloch (1822 – )

Married 01/12/1862



Charlotte / Schorel Czwiklitzer (29/05/1852 – )

Handel Czwiklitzer (26/10/1854 – )

Caroline Czwiklitzer (01/08/1857 – )

Rosalie (Eva) Czwiklitzer (22/02/1862 – 14/04/1924)

Olga Czwiklitzer (23/01/1868 – )


From the JRI-Poland records two sets of births to fathers named Salomon Czwiklitzer can be identified, all in the same small region.
- The first set of births were in the late 1830s to early 1840s to Charlotte Wachsmann: she is named as the mother of Simon when he died, and Marie's mother when she married.
- The second set of births were in the 1850-1860s to Jettel Knobloch whose husband was a baker in Orzesche (1852), butcher in Ober Lazisk (1854-57) and a barkeeper in Petrowitz (1868).

Jettel and Salomon were married in 1862, after several of their children had been born, and both came from Ober Lazisk; Salomon was a butcher and Jettel was a widow.

The family table above shows Salomon lived in Lazisk, Orzesche and a third unclear location during the operation of the register.

I speculate that the two Salomons are the same person. Salomon named his first daughter with Jettel as Charlotte which is consistent with this being the name of a recently deceased close relative. When Marie married in 1871 her father was a village inn owner (the same profession as Jettel's husband three years earlier).

Simon's death certificate gives Salomon's place of death.

Further corroboration comes from the record of the death of a Salomon Czwiklizer, an innkeeper of Petrowitz in 1872 aged 67 years, which fits with his birth in 1805.

On this basis Charlotte would have died some time between September 1845 (Heinrich's birth) and 1852 (Charlotte's birth).

Heinrich's death, aged 5 years, in 1850, is recorded in JRI-Poland. The record does not name his mother, but his father is named as Salomon, a baker in Orzesche, which equates him to Jettel's husband.

Noe is described as a barkeeper in Petrowitz when he married in 1873, as was Salomon in 1868; I speculate that Noe may have been Salomon's son, but he could equally have been a nephew.

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