Hugo Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Germany, Duesseldorf
FatherDavid Czwiklitzer (27/11/1842 – 06/10/1916) 
MotherJohanna (Handel) Borinski (1838-39 – 16/09/1914) 
Partner Ida Cracauer (08/09/1873 – )

Married 30/04/1905 Poland, Schlesien, Oberglogau



Hans Guido (Henry George) Czwiklitzer (15/04/1909 – )


When Hugo married he was living in Duesseldorf. A person of the same name and born in 1870 (the year given in his marriage certiciate) is buried in the New Jewish Cemetery in Duesseldorf; I assume this is the same person. A person of the same name is listed in the 1907 Duesseldorf telephone directory.

The 1910 Kattowitz address book has two entries under this name: one as a property manager and inkeeper at Kernerstrasse 9, the other as a businessman involved in the soap business of Karlstrasse 1.

The 1914 address book has only one entry under this name: a hotelier at Holteistrasse 21.

The Hugo involved in the soap business may be the son of David, since he owned a soap factory, although the evidence suggests that David's son returned to Duesseldorf after his marriage. The Kattowitz address book entries may equally relate to this Hugo or this Hugo.

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