Hirschel Loebel Katz

Bornca 1770
? FatherHirschel (Jacob?) Katz (1745 – 07/03/1821) 
? Mother 


Loebel Katz (1789-90 – )

Abraham Katz (ca 1816 – )

Samuel Katz (ca 1816 – )

Partner Eva Samuel (ca 1770 – )


Maria Katz (ca 1795 – )

Fabish Katz (27/01/1815 – )

Partner Eva Bloch (ca 1780 – )


Schaje Katz (31/01/1817 – )


Hirschel Loebel Katz is named in JRI-Poland as the father of Fabish and Schaje Katz, both born in Langendorf. The mothers of these sons are named as Eva SAMUEL and Eva PLOCH (probably a mis-transcription of BLOCH); it appears from this that Hirschel Loebel re-married between their births in 1815 and 1817.

I have assumed Hirschel Loebel to be the son of Hirschel (Jacob?) Katz, resident of Langendorf and the first person in his family to take the surname Katz.

Records of moves from Langendorf in 1837 and 1839 identify Hirschel Loebel Katz as the father of Samuel Katz and Abraham Katz respecively; both are described in JRI-Poland as "head" although no other family members are mentioned, so it can be assumed they are adults and so born prior to the late 1810s.

JRI-Poland records the move from Tost to Gross Strehlitz of "Loebel KATZ/COHN" in November 1830. These records identify Loebel's father as Hirschel Loebel Katz (the original record names the head of the family as "Loebel Katz al[ias]. Cohn").

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