Eva Bloch

Bornca 1780
Partner Hirschel Loebel Katz (ca 1780 – )


Fabish Katz (27/01/1815 – )

Abraham Katz (ca 1816 – )

Samuel Katz (ca 1816 – )

Schaje Katz (31/01/1817 – )


The record of Fabisch's birth names Hirschel Loebel's wife as Eva SAMUEL, whereas in the record of Shaje's birth two years later Hirschel Loebel's wife is named as Eva PLOCH. These are the only occurrences of Eva SAMUEL in Langendorf and of PLOCH anywhere in JRI-Poland's Prussian records. PLOCH is likely to be a corruption of BLOCH; there is a large number of records for BLOCH in Langendorf in the early 1800s.


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