Jacob (Hirschel) Katz

Poland, Schlesien, Zuelz
Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
FatherJehuda-Loeb Kohen-Zedek (.../07/1718 – 1775) 


Katz (ca 1770 – )

Eva Katz (ca 1780 – )

Hirschel Loebel Katz (ca 1780 – )

Katz (ca 1785 – )


Mike Liebermann states "Jacob (Hirshel) KATZ was born in 1745 in Zuelz, and died on 7 Mar 1821 in Langendorf" implying he died aged 75-76 years.

JRI-Poland records the death of Hirschel Katz in Langendorf on 27/10/1820 aged 65 years, implying he was born in 1755-56.

Sonja Delander in the Nothmann Chronicle names him as Hirsch (page 3) and says he died in 1821 (page 14, citing Friedrich Nothmann's manuscript).

Friedrich Nothmann in Geschichte Notthmann (page 102) mentions "Z'vi oder Hirschel Katz" who died in 1821 as one of the four sons of Jehuda Ha-Kohen and says he saw the four brothers' gravestones in Langendorf in 1936.


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