Johanna Landsberg

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherHermann Landsberg (ca 1770 – ) 
Partner Louis (Eliezer) Halberstaedter (08/12/1803 – 07/03/1869)


Henriette Halberstaedter (ca 1820 – )

Herrmann (Zvi) Halberstaedter (22/01/1826 – 23/03/1880)

Selma Halberstaedter (ca 1830 – )

Adolf Halberstaedter (1831-32 – 08/03/1897)

Max Halberstaedter (16/12/1834 – 28/01/1899)

Lea Halberstaedter (ca 1835 – )

Moritz Halberstaedter (08/12/1842 – 01/10/1911)


Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter) describes her as "Johanna geb. Hermann Landsberg"; Fritz and Max Halberstaedter name her Johanna Landsberg in their genealogies, which is confirmed by her gravestone in Breslau's old Jewish cemetery (field 2, third row back behind David and Johanna Wendriner's monument, gravestone marked "1991" on the back). Fritz Halberstaedter names her father variously as "Hermann Landsberg" and "Hermann from Landsberg".

Following the death of her husband, she moved from the family home in Militsch to Breslau, where she was living when her son Hermann died in 1880.

My 3 x great grandmother.

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