Max Halberstaedter

Germany, Berlin
UK, London
FatherLudwig Halberstaedter (09/12/1876 – 20/08/1949) 
MotherAgnes Pflaum (14/05/1884 – ) 
Partner Liselotte (Lilo) Nathan (28/01/1912 – 1988-89)



Medical practitioner (X-ray specialist) living at 58, Eton Place, Haverstock Hill, London in 1946.

Naturalised by Great Britain in 1948.

Later changed his surname to Hulbert.

Former consultant in oncology and radiotherapy St Mary's Hospital, London (b Berlin 1913; q St Bartholomew's 1938; FFR, FRCR), d 6 October 2000. He began his medical studies in Munich and Bonn before leaving Germany for London in the 1930s. He became a consultant at St Mary's in 1948 when the hospital decided to separate radiotherapy from radiology. For the next 30 years he ran the newly created radiotherapy department with calm, Teutonic efficiency. St Mary's had a large gynaecological department at the Samaritan Hospital for Women and he took over full responsibility for the application of radium in all appropriate cases of cervical carcinoma. He was a loyal member of the staff throughout and had a great kindness for patients behind a gruff exterior; indeed, after retirement he became the first medical director of the continuing terminal care unit at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. His retirement was long. He had no children, and, predeceased by his wife, his last years were lonely, made bearable by the loyalty of his friends.

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