Moritz Halberstaedter

Germany, Berlin, Charlottenburg
FatherLouis (Eliezer) Halberstaedter (08/12/1803 – 07/03/1869) 
MotherJohanna Landsberg (03/12/1803 – 26/12/1882) 
Partner Emilie (Esther) Sommerfeld (07/03/1857 – 25/02/1938)

Married 15/08/1889 Germany, Berlin



Rose Halberstaedter (ca 1890 – )

Luise Johanna Halberstaedter (18/01/1894 – 01/09/1982)


Listed in the Berlin address books from 1880 to 1912. The address books describe both Moritz and his brother Max as commodity brokers (Vereid. Waaren= u. Producten=Makler) from 1880 to 1897 and as brokers (Kursmakler) from 1898 until their deaths.

An M Halberstaedter also appears in the Berlin address book for one year only in 1873 in connection with the Vereinigte Breslauer Oelfabriken= Actien= Gesellschaft; given the Silesian connection, this may be Moritz; it cannot be his brother Max as he is also listed.

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