Isaac Aaron Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
FatherLoebel Nothmann (20/09/1778 – ) 
MotherCharlotte Koeppler (ca 1780 – ) 
Partner Eva Tichauer (ca 1820 – )
Partner Rosel Wolff (ca 1820 – )


Gustav (August) Nothmann (1842-43 – 20/05/1922)

Karoline Nothmann (30/10/1855 – 23/05/1942)

Louis Nothmann (1865 – 18/03/1866)


It appears that there were two contemporary tanners, both called Isaac Nothmann, one a master tanner by 1866, the other an apprentice tanner when he died in 1873. However, other sources lead to the conclusion that despite the differing professional status the records all relate to the same person.

The apprentice tanner
The JRI-Poland record of Caroline's 1874 marriage names her parents as Isaac Nothmann and Rosel Wolff, and describes her father as "Apprentice Tanner deceased"; this appears to sit well with the JRI-Poland record of the death of Isaac Nothmann, "tanner (journeyman)" in 1873 aged 53 years; the record is from Myslowitz, but gives no other information.

The master tanner
JRI-Poland records the move of Isaac Nothmann, son of Loebel, a tanner (Gerber), and his wife Eva geb. Tichauer from Langendorf to Meseritz (Pless) in 1846. In 1866 Louis Nothmann, infant son of master tanner (Gerbermeister) Isaac died in Przelaika.

The confusion
Gustav's death certificate places his birth in 1844-45 in Przelaika, so he was probably a brother of Louis and so a son of the master tanner. identifies Gustav's mother as Rosel Wolff who, according to Caroline's marriage record, was married to the deceased apprentice tanner.


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