Gustav (August) Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Przelaika
? FatherIsaac Aaron Nothmann (14/09/1817 – ) 
? MotherEva Tichauer (11/05/1812 – ) 
Partner Henriette Kaiser (02/01/1843 – 20/08/1920)

Married 31/03/1873



Lina Nothmann (27/01/1874 – )

Isac Nothmann (14/07/1875 – )

Salamon Nothmann (29/11/1876 – ca 1940)

Simon Nothmann (30/10/1878 – 15/06/1880)

Jacob Nothmann (05/12/1879 – 02/07/1921)

Rosalie Nothmann (05/01/1882 – )


Master taylor in Hindenburg.

Aged 79 years when he died, so born 1842-43.

The names of his wife and children are taken from and are confirmed by Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974, page 5. His son Jacob's birth and marriage certificates name his parents as Gustav and Henriette geb. Kaiser, as do his son Simon's birth and death certificates. names his parents as Isaac Nothmann and Rosel geb. Wolff, but if Isaac was his father then I suspect that at the time of his birth Isaac was married to Eva geb. Tichauer; see Isaac's page for the explanation.

Sonja Delander: Nothmann Chronicle, 1974 says on page 5 that there is reason to believe that Gustav was the son of Salomon Nothmann, but without elaborating on the reason; it also says that Jacob had two brothers and two sisters; this source probably overlooks Simon who died in infancy.

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