Karoline Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Bendsburg
FatherIsaac Aaron Nothmann (14/09/1817 – ) 
MotherRosel Wolff (ca 1820 – ) 
Partner Samuel Malinowitzer (1849-50 – )

Married 08/09/1874



Adolf Malinowitzer (03/07/1885 – 1985)

Friederike Malinowitzer (03/01/1903 – ca 1943)


Murdered by the Nazi regime.

Sources differ regarding her date of birth: her son (whom I am inclined to believe) says 30/10/1855 in his testimonial to her; the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database says 01/01/1855 (which may be a default date if only the year was known); the JRI-Poland record of her marriage in September 1874 says she was 18 years old so born 1753-54 (or her age was inflated in the marriage record).

Sources (click here for generic source information)

yadvashem.org - testimonial by her son Adolf: date and place of birth;
ushmm.org - entry in the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database.

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