Adolf (Asher) Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
FatherAdolf (Josef) Borinski (08/05/1776 – 01/12/1851) 
MotherHandel (Heye) Lustig (12/10/1782 – 20/09/1835) 
Partner Rosalie Neumann (12/05/1812 – )

Married 02/11/1831 Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz



Louis Borinski (28/04/1833 – 08/05/1898)

Marie Borinski (18/11/1834 – 15/01/1903)

Samuel Borinski (08/07/1836 – 1896-97)

Johanna (Handel) Borinski (1838-39 – 16/09/1914)

Caroline (Krassel, Catherina) Borinski (05/11/1840 – 28/09/1907)

Wilhelm Borinski (06/01/1843 – 14/03/1907)

Bertha Borinski (29/10/1844 – 25/07/1909)

Simon Borinski (15/03/1848 – )

Max Borinski (15/04/1850 – 19/11/1914)

Selma Borinski (ca 1850 – )

Josef Borinski (14/06/1855 – 29/07/1855)


Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter) places him in Sohrau, and his son Wilhelm's death certificate says that he died there. Geschichte der Stadt Sohrau in Ober-Schlesien mentions Adolf Borinski as one of the three senior members of the board of the Sohrau synagogue community in 1854.

It is likely that Adolf developed his father's trade in spices and cloth as four of his five surviving sons went on to trade in colonial goods and leather, and one of them, Max, is subsequently named as the propriator of A. Borinski kolonialwaren and leather merchant in Sohrau.

JRI-Poland has a record of Rosalie Neumann from Gleiwitz, daughter of Simon, marrying Adolph Borinsky from Sohrau, son of Adolf and Handel Lustig on 02/11/1831 in Gleiwitz with a rabbi officiating. It also has a record of Rosalie Neumann (with no other details) marrying Jacob Borinsky son of Joseph 19 days later on 21/11/1831 in Adolf Borinsky's home town of Sohrau. It is almost certain that these were the religious and civil marriages of the same couple, Joseph being the Hebrew name of Adolf senior. From the marriage records it would appear that Adolf junior's Hebrew name was Jacob, but it is also given as Asher on his daughter Johanna's tombstone.

My 3 x great grandfather.

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