Marie Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
FatherAdolf (Asher) Borinski (12/10/1808 – 09/11/1878) 
MotherRosalie Neumann (12/05/1812 – ) 


Marie is not mentioned in Kaethe Danziger (geb. Halberstaedter)’s "Borinski" notes, but she is listed in JRI-Poland as a child of an "Adolph" born 18/11/1834 between two of Adolf's other children.

A Marie Borinski is listed in the 1894 Katowice address books as a Rentiere at Grundmannstrasse 18a; she is not mentioned in the 1910 address book.

Her date of death is taken from her tombstone in Kozilska Street Cemetery, Katowice, which indicates she was unmarried, and names her father as Asher.

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