Wilhelm Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze
FatherAdolf (Asher) Borinski (12/10/1808 – 09/11/1878) 
MotherRosalie Neumann (12/05/1812 – ) 
Partner Amalie Foerster (21/01/1842 – 04/08/1926)

Married 09/08/1869 Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen


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Friedericke Borinski (20/02/1870 – 1939)

Anna Borinski (01/09/1874 – 28/12/1875)

Josef Borinski (23/01/1877 – 18/07/1894)

Meta Borinski (26/08/1878 – )

Adolf Borinski (27/05/1880 – 20/08/1936)

Rosa Borinski (29/01/1883 – 13/05/1898)


Aged 26y when he married in 1869, and aged 64 years, 3 months, 8 days when he died, so born 06/01/1843. The record of his wedding says he came from Sohrau, but does not name his parents. However, his death certificate names his parents as Adolf Borinski and Rosalie geb. Neumann.

An 1893 address book for Koenigshuette lists a Wilhem Borinski, Schlepper (haulier) at Junghaunstrasse 3. This profession does not appear to be in keeping with the family business, so this may be a namesake.

In 1888 a Wilhelm Borinski advertised in Katolik for a student to work in his kolonialwaren and delicatessen business in Zabrze, trades which he had in common with his older brothers Louis in Kattowitz and Samuel in Koenigshuette, as well as his father Adolf and his grandfather Adolf, both in Sohrau.

The 1892 and 1902 Upper Silesia business directories list a "Gemischte Warenhandel" in Klein Zabrze registed as, and owned by, Wilhelm Borinski (1892: p. 85, 1902: p. 237).

Following Wilhelm's death in 1907, Amalie assumed power of attorney in relation to the business. Amalie is listed in the 1908-09 Zabrze address book at Schechestrasse 11. An Adolf Borinski, a potato trader, lived at the same address at this time. The 1908-09 Zabrze address book shows that Schechestrasse 11 is owned by "Borinski, A., Kaufmann", which could be Amalie or Adolf; however the 1912 Zabrze address book shows it is owned by "Borinski, Amalie". In 1908 the business transferred to one Adolf Borinski of Zabrze and Amalie's power ceased. The 1908-09 Zabrze address book also lists a Wilhelm Borinski (or a company in his name) living or registered at Schechestrasse 4 and owning Florianstrasse 2.

The 1912 Zabrze address book lists a business in Wilhelm's name; it is owned by Adolf and operates from both Schechestrasse 11 and Florianstrasse 2 (p. 4/117). The firm's advertisement (p. 6/367) shows it trades in both Kolonialwaren and land produce, combining Adolf's and Wilhelm's former businesses.

Adolf's inheritance of Wilhelm's property and business and his co-habitation with Amalie suggests that he is Wilhelm and Amalie's son. This is confirmed by Zabrze museum's website.

The 1938 Zabrze address book lists only one Borinski: a widow Marianne living at Schecheplatz 11. (Schecheplatz and Schechestrasse are listed as one entity; the two names appear to have been interchangeable). Zabrze museum's website identifies Marianne as Adolf's widow, and this is confirmed by Adolf's death certificate which names his wife as Martha Marianne geb. Samter.

A sepulchre set in the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Zabrze bares the inscription Familie W. Borinski, but no individual names remain. cmentarz-zydowski.pl gives its location as G-19 and also lists Rosa Borinski (died 1893, grave E-13) and Anna Borinski (died 1875, grave B-24); Anna is identified in the Zabrze museum's website as Wilhelm's daughter, Rosa may be Wilhelm's daughter with a mis-transcribed year of death.

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