Adolf (Josef) Borinski

Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
Poland, Schlesien, Sohrau
? Father[husband of Beate] Borinski (ca 1735 – ) 
? MotherBeate (1736-37 – 07/12/1820) 
Partner Handel (Heye) Lustig (12/10/1782 – 20/09/1835)

Married 17/05/1802



Adolf (Asher) Borinski (12/10/1808 – 09/11/1878)


JRI spells his name Borinsky; I have used Borinski for consistency with subsequent generations and KH's notes. Records of his son Adolf's marriage refer to him by both his German name (Adolf) and by his Hebrew name (Joseph).

A Josef Borinski is mentioned in Geshichte der Stadt Sohrau in O-S as a Sohrau merchant trading in spice and cloth in 1840.

Borinski's shop in 1835
(5th building from the left)

Borinski's shop ca. late 19th century
(at the extreme left of the photograph);
the name A.Borinski is clearly visible

Borinski's shop, (rebuilt after its wartime destruction)
bearing a
Coca Cola sign in May 2011

RL, quoted by SF, gives his birth date as 08/05/1776, Delowicz gives 08/03/1776.

My 4 x great grandfather.


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RL-SF-TC email - dates of birth and death (RL note: SBV 339, not 309);
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