Henry Paul Staub

Germany, Berlin
USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis
FatherLudwig Staub (17/07/1886 – 05/08/1944) 
MotherErna Olga Luise Zitzke (16/09/1889 – 24/01/1981) 


MT writes: Henry boarded the train in Dresden to begin his journey to the US on March 3, 1941. He traveled the Trans-Siberian railway through Russia, Manchuria and Korea, took a ferry to Japan, the Kamakura Maru from Yokohama to Hawaii and then on to San Francisco where he landed on April 10, 1941. After another train ride across the United States, Henry met his father, Ludwig Staub, in New York on April 14, 1941 where he began his life as an immigrant.

photo: startribune.com obituary

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