Kaete Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz
FatherRichard Gassmann (26/10/1864 – 19/02/1943) 
MotherIrma Herz (03/10/1875 – 19/02/1943) 
Partner Alfred Jarislowsky (1898 – 15/01/1929)

Married 1923


antonnews.com - Kaete Gassmann's obituary, 07/01/2000 online edition.;
Partner Heinz Oppenheimer (ca 1900 – )

Married 1932 UK, London, Holborn


antonnews.com - Kaete Gassmann's obituary, Friday January 7, 2000 online edition;
General Register Office (UK) 1932 Q4 Holborn vol. 1b page 1031;


According to her Gleiwitz residence card she was born in 1901; her obituary makes her a year older.

Kaete had two sons and a daughter with first husband (a first cousin of her mother), then two more daughters with her second husband. Lived in NYC from 1941 until her death on New Year's Eve 1999.

Her obituary in the Great Neck Record reads:
Kathe Oppenheimer was born Dec. 25, 1900 and died on Dec. 31, 1999. Beloved mother of Axel (deceased), Stephen, Ruth, Andrea and Coco. Beloved grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of five. Kathe studied law at Munich University. She married Alfred Jarislowsky. On his early death in 1929, she took charge of a major German industrial group including an investment bank. She gradually sold off her major assets during the Hitler days eventually emigrating to Holland and then, via France, to the United States in March 1941. In 1933, she had remarried Heinz Oppenheimer of Berlin with whom she had two children. Since 1941, she has lived in Great Neck.

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