Fritz Josef (Fred) Halberstaedter

Germany, Berlin
FatherErnst Wolfgang Halberstaedter (15/02/1863 – 28/02/1940) 
MotherGertrud Philippine Wienskowitz (22/04/1871 – 06/03/1926) 
Partner Johanna Archenhold (17/06/1911 – )

Married 1935 Poland, Schlesien, Breslau



Actor, artist and writer, known in later life as Fred Halbers.
Listed in the Berlin address books (as Fritz Halbers) from 1926 to 1936.
Emigrated in 1939 to La Paz, Bolivia.
Moved to New York in 1954, became a US citizen in 1960.
Moved to Cordoba, Argentina in about 1970.
Divorced 1943, did not re-marry.
Died in or after 1989. Photo of Fritz and Johanna - Fred Halbers collection.

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