Salomon Wolf Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherSamuel Schaya Nothmann (14/01/1773 – 08/05/1852) 
MotherMagdalene (Mathilde, Matel) Cohn (24/04/1773 – 02/12/1857) 
Partner Jeanette (Jenny) Hammer (19/12/1832 – 17/08/1904)

Married 20/09/1861



Max Nothmann (17/05/1873 – )


MT's research, citing Michael Liebermann, says he was born to Samuel Nothmann and Mathilde Cohn on 12/06/1814, whereas JRI-Poland records the birth of Salomon to Samuel Schaye Nothmann and Magdalena Kohn in Langendorf on 26/01/1815.

In July 1815 Samuel Schayer and his family moved within the Tost district. The JRI-Poland records of this move name his wife, Magdalena geb. Cohn, and children
1. Isaac;
2. Hirschel;
3. Salomon;
4. Rosel;
5. Jette.

The enumeration of the siblings suggests that they are arranged in age order; certainly the three brothers are in their correct order. There is no evidence that the sister are listed last because of their gender: other entries on the same page list female names before male names. If we assume that Rosel and Jette were the most recent additions to the family, then Salomon must have been born before 1815 (and the sisters must have been twins).

Trader of Tworog when he married; described as a former master butcher when he died.

His death was reported by his daughter-in-law Leni geb. Pinter who gave his age as 90 years; this was probably a guess, and does not preclude his birth in 1814-15 (meaning he would have died aged 91-92 years).

Second name Wolf taken from JRI-Poland marriage record.


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