Salomon Wolf Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherSamuel Schaya Nothmann (14/01/1773 – 08/05/1852) 
MotherMagdalene (Mathilde, Matel) Cohn (24/04/1773 – 02/12/1857) 
Partner Jeanette (Jenny) Hammer (19/12/1832 – 17/08/1904)

Married 20/09/1861



Max Nothmann (17/05/1873 – )


MT's research, citing Michael Liebermann, says he was born to Samuel Nothmann and Mathilde Cohn on 12/06/1814, whereas JRI-Poland records the birth of Salomon to Samuel Schaye Nothmann and Magdalena Kohn in Langendorf on 26/01/1815.

Trader of Tworog when he married; described as a former master butcher when he died.

Death certificate

His death was reported by his daughter-in-law Leni geb. Pinter who gave his age as 90 years; this was probably a guess as he was in fact 83 years old.

Second name Wolf taken from JRI-Poland marriage record.


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