Lina Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
FatherGustav (August) Nothmann (1842-43 – 20/05/1922) 
MotherHenriette Kaiser (02/01/1843 – 20/08/1920) 


Adolph Nothmann (22/05/1897 – 11/08/1915)

Salo Nothmann (26/07/1898 – 15/08/1898)

Max Nothmann (09/06/1902 – 28/06/1922)

Partner Isaac Hecht (29/04/1862 – )

Married 22/04/1903 Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze



Georg Hecht (01/03/1904 – )

Kurt Hecht (09/06/1918 – )


Barmaid and shopkeeper in Hindenburg.

Adolph's birth certificate describes Lina as unmarried; the birth was reported by her mother. The death announcement for Adoplh names his mother as "Lina Hecht geb. Nothmann". His death certificate is worded in a similar manner.

According to the website her children Adolph and Max bore the surname Nothmann; I have rendered them the same way in the absence of any other information. This would be consistent with Lina being unmarried at the time of their births, which makes her a likely candidate for the mother of Salo, whose mother is named as "the unmarried Lina Nothmann".

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