Lina Nothmann

Poland, Schlesien, Hindenburg
FatherGustav (August) Nothmann (1842-43 – 20/05/1922) 
MotherHenriette Kaiser (02/01/1843 – 20/08/1920) 


Adolph Nothmann (22/05/1897 – 11/08/1915)

Salo Nothmann (26/07/1898 – 15/08/1898)

Max Nothmann (09/06/1902 – 28/06/1922)

Partner Isaac Hecht (29/04/1862 – )

Married 22/04/1903 Poland, Schlesien, Zabrze



Georg Hecht (08/03/1904 – )

Kurt Hecht (09/06/1918 – )


Barmaid and shopkeeper in Hindenburg.

Adolph's birth certificate describes Lina as unmarried; the birth was reported by her mother. The death announcement for Adoplh names his mother as "Lina Hecht geb. Nothmann".

According to the website her children Adolph and Max bore the surname Nothmann; I have rendered them the same way in the absence of any other information. This would be consistent with Lina being unmarried at the time of their births, which makes her a likely candidate for the mother of Salo, whose mother is named as "the unmarried Lina Nothmann".

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