Moritz Apt

Poland, Schlesien, Langendorf
FatherPinkus Apt (ca 1812 – ) 
MotherRosalie (Roshel / Rahel) Gassmann (23/03/1812 – 28/12/1901) 
Partner Friederike Gassmann (1845 – 23/09/1873)



Marie Apt (20/04/1870 – 28/04/1870)

Flora Apt (ca 1870 – )

Albert Apt (10/08/1873 – ca 1942)

Partner Bertha Prager (15/03/1844 – 1906)



Frieda Apt (29/12/1875 – ca 1944)

Paula Apt (21/04/1877 – 1963)

Bruno Nathan Apt (25/08/1878 – ca 1942)

Hermine Apt (15/10/1880 – ca 1942)


The 1892 Upper Silesia business directory lists a Moritz Apt as the owner of "Moritz Apt", Schnitt- und Tuchwaarenhdlg in Langendorf (page 98), and a Moritz Apt as owner the of "Adolf Apt", Schnitt- und Modewhdl in Lublinitz (page 109).

The 1914 Upper Silesia business directory (page 208) shows that the Langendorf business is now in the hands of Albert Apt (Moritz's son) and son-in-law Emil Gadiel.

Reverse of a mirror from the business founded by Moritz
kindly donated by PA
Moritz's shop trading under his daughter Hermine's name
Photo courtesy of RG, a granddaughter of Emil Gadiel

The Lublinitz business probably belonged to Moritz's namesake cousin and his father Adolph.

RG, a granddaughter of Emil Gadiel says he died in 1921. A Moritz Apt, who died on 20/12/1921 is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Ratibor (plot 5).


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RG, a granddaughter of Emil Gadiel - place of birth, date of death.

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