Isaac Emil Prager

Poland, Schlesien, Lendzin
Germany, Berlin
FatherJoseph Prager (.../09/1809 – ) 
MotherCharlotte Fernbach (1809 – ) 
Partner Eva Apt (26/06/1843 – 02/09/1868)
Partner Julie Seegall (17/04/1858 – 18/08/1926)

Married 11/11/1881 Germany, Berlin



Joseph Prager (11/06/1885 – 1983)


Landesrabbiner in Kassel.

Parents: businessman Joseph Prager and Charlotte geb. Fernbach of Lendzin.

His marriage to Eva Apt is not certain, see Eva's page.

His tombstone in Kassel gives his date of birth as 24/04/1847, and this is widely quoted in sources. It is almost certainly wrong: his marriage certificate gives his date of birth as 17/06/1847 while Breslau University's record of his PhD thesis "De Veteris Testamenti Versione Syriaca Quam Peschittho Vocant, Part 1: Quaestiones Criticae (1875)" gives it as 17/06/1849. His tombstone and marriage certificate agree that he was married to Julie geb. Seegall, born 17/04/1858, so there is no doubt that, notwithstanding the different birth dates, they refer to the same Isaac Prager. His death certificate says he died aged 58 years in 1905, which agrees with a birth date of 17/06/1847.

Sources agree that he was born in Lendzin and was a doctor of philosophy. These details allow him to be located in the Pless family register, which gives the same date of birth and family residence; from this we have his parents and siblings.

Three images of Rabbi Isaac Prager are included in the Jewish Museum Berlin online collection.

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