Edward Bunton

UK, Tyne and Wear, North Shields
UK, Tyne and Wear, North Shields, Bell Street
? FatherJohn Bunton (1758-59 – .../08/1821) 
? MotherCatharine Wheatley (1758-62 – 08/10/1812) 
Partner Catherine Scot (1801-06 – 31/10/1857)

Married 07/10/1822 UK, London, Rotherhithe



Mary Ann Bunton (03/07/1823 – )

Edward Bunton (.../03/1829 – )

John George Bunton (.../01/1831 – .../10/1832)

Charlotte Bunton (.../12/1833 – )

John Henry Bunton (1837 – 30/06/1899)

Henry Bunton (02/02/1841 – )

Partner Barbara Malcomson (1810-11 – )

Married 10/10/1858 UK, London, Stepney



Baptismal records from St Dunstan's parish, Stepney, 1826 to 1848, for children of Edward Bunton:
Entry No.Birth dateBaptism dateFirst nameSurnameFatherMotherAddressOccupationSource RefNote
208 15/03/1829EdwardBuntonEdwardCatherineRatcliffMarinerX024/018
253 22/05/1831John GeorgeBuntonEdwardCatherineRatcliffMarinerX024/018
896 29/12/1833CharlotteBuntonEdwardCatherineRatcliffMarinerX024/018
2610 25/06/1837JohnBuntonEdwardCatherineRatcliffMarinerX024/018
91802/02/184120/07/1845HenryBuntonEdwardCatherineNorth Shields, NorthumberlandMarinerX024/020

1841 census for Stephenson Street, Tynemouth:
NameAgeOccupationWhether born in the county
Edward Bunton40CarpenterYes
Catherine Bunton30 Yes
Edward Bunton12 Yes
Charlotte Bunton8 Yes
John Bunton5 Yes
Henry Bunton4 months Yes

1851 census for 126 Bell Street, Tynemouth, North Shields:
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Catherine BuntonWife45Seaman's wifeNorthumberland North Shields
Charlotte BuntonDaughter17Dress makerMiddlesex London
John BuntonSon13ScholarMiddlesex London
Henry BuntonSon8ScholarNorthumberland North Shields
The two Edwards (father and eldest son) are absent, possibly at sea.

1861 census for Bell Street, North Shields (schedule no. 267; the closest prior identification of Bell Street is at schedule no. 205):
NameRelationAgeOccupationWhere born
Edward BuntonHead63SeamanNorthumberland North Shields
Barabara(?) BuntonWife50 Scotland (unclear)

Edward is described in the 1841 census as a carpenter. The St Dunstan parish registers describe him as a mariner from 1829 to 1845, and in 1851, 1861 and at his death he is described as a seaman. He may, of course, have been a ship's carpenter.

Edward's first wife, Catherine, died at Bell Street, Tynemouth in 1857. Edward married Barbara Malcolmson the following year at St. George in The East, Stepney, London.

Edward clearly had connections with Stepney, as all of his children were baptised there, and his address at most of these baptisms was in neighbouring Ratcliff. His first marriage was in Rotherhithe, directly across the Thames from Stepney. It seems likely that Edward and his family shuttled between North Shields and the Thames docks, probably following the ebb and flow of work.

An Edward Bunton died at Bell Street, Tynemouth in 1868 aged 73 years from "Bronchitus / asthma"; it is not certain that this is the same Edward Bunton whose family had lived in Bell Street in 1851. If the age at death is accurate he would have been born in 1794-95, and his age would probably have been recorded as 45, rather than 40, at the 1841 census. His age at the 1861 census suggests he was born 1797-98, and he would have been 43 at the 1841 census, which fits better with the rounded-down age of 40.

An Edward Bunton was born on 08/11/1897 to master mariner John Bunton and Catharine Wheatley and baptised on 25/03/1798 in either Heworth or neighbouring Jarrow. Although this date of birth fits perfectly with his age of 63 years in the 1861 census, and Edward's second marriage certificate identifies his father as John Bunton, mariner, Jarrow is south of the Tyne whereas he claims (in the 1861 census) to have been born in North Shields, north of the Tyne, and this is certainly where he appears in the 1841 census. It may be that he did not know with any certainty where or exactly when he was born.

Durham Records Online:
Baptisms, South Shields District - Record Number: 683277.0
Location: Jarrow
Church: St. Paul
Denomination: Anglican
25 Mar 1798 Edward Bunton, born 8 Nov 1797, 3rd son of John Bunton (master mariner, native of this Chapelry) by his wife Catharine Wheatley (native of this Chapelry), baptized at Jarrow.

My 3 x great grandfather.

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