Nathan Karliner

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz, Slupna
Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
FatherMoritz (Moses) Karliner (05/03/1829 – 13/12/1910) 
MotherErnestine (Ester) Freund (1829-30 – 22/01/1903) 
Partner Flora Loewy (1857-58 – 22/03/1935)


Selma Karliner (08/03/1879 – ca 1942)

Frieda Karliner (05/04/1881 – ca 1942)

Ismar Karliner (1883-84 – 03/01/1931)


Surname spelt CARLINER in some records but KARLINER is the form more generally used in both earlier and later generations.

Aged 68 years when he died so born 1857-58.

His death notice names his wife as Flora Karliner geb. Loewy, and lists as relatives:

- Selma Wienskowitz geb. Karliner,
- Frieda Wachsner geb. Karliner,
- Ismar Karliner,
- Flora Karliner geb. Ring
- Hugo Wienskowitz,
- Paul Wachsner

A common convention for such notices is to list the decesased's surviving spouse, following by the children and their spouses. The six relatives listed after Flora geb. Loewy can be identified by their death certificates as three married couples and, given their surnames and dates of birth, it appears very likely that Selma, Frieda and Ismar Karliner are Nathan's children. However, without the usual "als Kinder" qualification, this remains an assumption.

A Nathan Karliner had a Kolonial goods business in Ruda, and was elected as community representative in 1916.

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JRI-Poland - birth record quoting the same place of birth as his death record.

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