Frieda Karliner

Poland, Schlesien, Gleiwitz, Petersdorf
Diedca 1942
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
? FatherNathan Karliner (23/10/1857 – 11/03/1926) 
? MotherFlora Loewy (1857-58 – 22/03/1935) 
Partner Paul (Pinkus) Wachsner (ca 1877 – 22/12/1935)


Max Wachsner (02/05/1908 – 20/08/1975)

Hildegard Wachsner (1910 – 01/03/1912)


Frieda lived in Gross Strehlitz and was deported from Gleiwitz to Auschwitz concentration camp on 28/05/1942.

Gleiwitz residence card showing her address as Bahnhofstrasse 25

Also at Bahnhofstrasse 25 were
- Selma Wienskowitz geb. Karliner, born 08/03/1879, who I speculate is Frieda's sister; a death certificate on shows that Selma was the widow of Hugo Wienskowitz (07/05/1873 - 25/05/1940);
- Oskar Wienskowitz born 24/04/1858 and
- Fanny Wienskowitz geb. Lewy born 28/11/1865.

Oskar and Fanny's cards show the same three addresses from 1915 to 1942, so I assume they were husband and wife.

All four cards are stamped "28.5.1942", the date of the transport from Gleiwitz to Auschwitz concentration camp, so I assume all four people shared the same fate.

For more about Selma, please see


GB, a relative of the Wachsner family;; - Frieda's Gleiwitz residence card; - Selma's Gleiwitz residence card; - Oskar's Gleiwitz residence card; - Fanny's Gleiwitz residence card; - Hugo Wienskowitz's death certificate.

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