Moritz (Moses) Karliner

Poland, Schlesien, Pless, Dzieckowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherSalomon Karliner (1802 – ) 
MotherHanne (Fradel) Boehm (06/05/1810 – ) 
Partner Ernestine Freund (ca 1830 – )


Isidor Karliner (02/08/1856 – 12/06/1914)

Nathan Karliner (23/10/1857 – 11/03/1926)

Rosel Karliner (03/05/1866 – 15/01/1940)


Surname spelt CARLINER in some records but KARLINER is the form more generally used in both earlier and later generations.

Death certificate

Died aged 81 years, so born 1828-29. His death was reported by his daughter, Bertha Boehm; it is possible but not certain that this equates to the daughter Rosel who married Gustav Boehm.

His death certificate names his parents and places his birth in Dzieckowitz, Kreiss Pless; these facts allow his identification in the Pless family records.

Salomon Karliner's family in the
Pless family records


JRI-Poland; - Salomon Karliner's family in the Pless family records.

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