Moritz (Moses) Karliner

Poland, Schlesien, Pless, Dzietzkowitz
Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen
FatherSalomon Karliner (1802 – ) 
MotherHanne (Fradel) Boehm (06/05/1810 – ) 
Partner Ernestine (Ester) Freund (1829-30 – 22/01/1903)


Bertha Karliner (ca 1855 – )

Isidor Karliner (02/08/1856 – 12/06/1914)

Nathan Karliner (23/10/1857 – 11/03/1926)

Charlotte Karliner (1864 – 20/02/1866)

Rosel Karliner (03/05/1866 – 15/01/1940)


Surname spelt CARLINER in some records but KARLINER is the form more generally used in both earlier and later generations.

Innkeeper at the time of Isidor's and Nathan's births.

Died aged 81 years, so born 1828-29. His death was reported by his daughter, Bertha Boehm. She identifies Moritz's parents as Salomon and Charlotte; it is not clear whether Charlotte equates to Fradel named in the Pless family records.

His death certificate names his parents and places his birth in Dzieckowitz, Kreiss Pless; these facts allow his identification in the Pless family records.

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