Charlotte Muenzer

Poland, Schlesien, Kieferstaedtel
Poland, Schlesien, Retzitz
FatherHirschel Emanuel Muenzer (ca 1770 – ) 
MotherHelene Freund (1772-73 – 16/04/1848) 
Partner Wilhelm (Wolff) Majud (1789-1800 – 21/03/1856)

Married 03/11/1825


RL reports details of the record of the marriage of Wolf Magut to Charlotte Muenzer on 03/11/1825: "...the confectioner Wolf MAGUT of Cosel, age 35, son of the deceased Hirschel Wolf MAGUT of Cieszowa (Lublinitz county) and of Marianna (no further info) married Charlotte MUENZER of Kieferstaedtel, age 23, daughter of Hirschel Emanuel MUENZER and Helena FREUND." - Gleiwitz Jewish registers


Philipp (Pinkus) Majud (15/11/1825 – )

Julius Philipp Majud (1830-31 – 10/05/1897)

Caecilie Majud (20/04/1836 – )

Rosel Majud (21/08/1838 – )

Ernestine Majud (08/09/1840 – )

Auguste Majud (30/06/1846 – 19/08/1899)


Named on daughter Auguste's death certificate.

A record of her arrival in Kieferstaedtel from Cosel names her father as Hirschel Immanuel Muenzer and cites family numbers 2433, 13 and 50; it says her husband is in Cosel. The record is dated 08/11/1825, a few days after her marriage.

Charlotte died aged 76 years so born 1801-02. Her death was reported by her son-in-law, Isaac Pick. A subsequent note on her death certificate identifies her husband as Conditor Aaron Majud.

The records from 1825 spell her surname as MAGUT; by the time of her death it had become MAJUD.

Sources (click here for generic source information) (left page) and (right page) - Gleiwitz Jewish movement records.

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