Salomon (Fabian, Feibisch) Gassmann

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
FatherLoebel (Jehuda, Lieb) Gassmann (1778-87 – 31/05/1861) 
MotherFriederike (Rebeka/Rivka/Eva) Epstein (ca 1792 – 1874) 
Partner Marie (Miriam) Nothmann (ca 1820 – 27/06/1851)

Married 07/08/1839



Bertha Gassmann (20/02/1842 – 21/06/1875)

Rosalie Gassmann (29/07/1843 – 02/08/1917)

Friederike Gassmann (1845 – 23/09/1873)

Henriette Gassmann (1848 – 12/06/1886)

Anna Gassmann (24/10/1849 – .../09/1914)

Partner Lina Kirschner (ca 1817 – )



Salo Gassmann (ca 1852 – )

Henriette Gassmann (ca 1852 – )

Samuel Gassmann (16/03/1853 – )


Mike Liebermann says that Salomon (Feibisch) GASSMANN was born to Loebel and Rebeka on 24/01/1817 in Langendorf and died on 20/12/1895 in Kattowitz.

JRI-Poland agrees with Mike Lieberman regarding his parents but puts his birth slightly earlier on 08/01/1817.

The Gleiwitz Jewish movements records note that Salamon Fabisch Gassmann and his wife Marie geb. Nothmann moved from Langendorf to Tost a few weeks after their marriage in 1839; the record names Salamon's father as Loebel Gassmann and cites family number 1089 which was allocated to Loebel.

JRI-Poland names the father of Berta Gassmann as F. Salomon Gassmann and places Berta in Tost. F.S. Gassmann of Tost placed an advertisement in Der Oberschlesische Wanderer in 1850 in which he named Samuel Nothmann as his father-in-law, and Fabian Gassmann of Tost registered a business in the Gleiwitz region called "F.S. Gassmann" in 1862; it seems certain that these are the same person.

The Yiddish titular name "Feibisch" and its German cognate "Fabian" derive from the Greek "Phoebus". It is a synonym of the Hebrew "Shrager" / "Shraga" and was given to "people credited with bringing light or intellectual clarity to their subject". Salomon is named as Salomon Shraga HaCohen on Henriette's gravestone.

The Breslau synagogue community archives record the death of a Salomon GASSMANN or GOSSMANN on 17/02/1862 at the age of 44 years, so he too was born in 1817-18. Berta GASSMANN married in May 1862, a few months after the death of Salomon GASSMANN of the Breslau community; however, the JRI-Poland record of her marriage gives no indication that he is deceased or in Breslau. Rosa's death certificate names her parents as Fabian Gassmann and Marie geb. Nothmann "both dead in Tost". It seems most likely that Salomon in Breslau and Fabian Salomon in Tost were first cousins, both named after their grandfather; the latter may have adopted the prefix "Fabian" in part to distinguish himself from his namesake in Breslau.

MT says that Henriette and Friederike were born to Fabian Salomon's first wife, and Felix Auerbach's 1905 Silbergliet - Nothmann tree agrees that they were daughters of Marie Nothmann and a Gassmann father. UN shows both Henriette and Friederike as daughters of Fabian Gassmann and his second wife, Lina Kirschner.

In UN Henriette married Moritz Schlesinger, while Auerbach says she married a Freund. Her death certificate names her husband as Moritz Schlesinger. UN and MT agree that Henriette's (half-)sister Anna married a Freund.

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