Hermann Goldberg

Germany, Thorn
Partner Anna Nothmann (30/04/1875 – )

Married 28/09/1899 Poland, Schlesien, Beuthen



Julius Goldberg (22/08/1900 – )

Partner Henriette Koplowitz (06/08/1896 – ca 1942)


Yad Vashem - testimonial to Henriette.



Parents: Jakob and Goldberg Johanna geb. Herz.

In the 1939 census of Ratibor Hermann is listed at Niedertorstrasse 2, and address he shared with, among others:
- Jettel Goldberg born on 07/08/1893 in Tarnowitz,
- Julius Goldberg born on 22/08/1900 in Ratibor,
- Rudolf Goldberg born on 17/07/1925 in Ratibor,
- Werner Goldberg born on 06/11/1928 in Ratibor,
- Ruth Goldberg geb. Badrian born on 14/10/1901 in Beuthen.

Hermann's relationships to these people is not evident from these records. Julius could certainly be a son of Hermann and Anna; likewise, Jettel could be their (illegitimate) daughter.

A marriage certificate confirms that Ruth geb. Badrian was Julius' wife; their marriage was witnessed by Hermann's brother-in-law Alfred Bloch.

Given Anna's date of birth she is unlikely to be the mother of Rudolf or Werner; they may be Hermann's children by a later and younger wife, or the children of Julius and Ruth.

A Yad Vashem testimonial to Hermann was submitted by his grandson, Rudolf Goldberg; it names Herman's wife as Henriette geb. Koplowitz. The same Rudolf Goldberg also submitted a testimonial to his father, Julius, naming Julius's parents as Hermann Goldberg and Anna Nothmann.

Neither Anna nor any other wife for Hermann is listed, although it is tempting to speculate that Jettel is Hermann's second wife, giving the testimonials that name his wife as Henriette.

Coincidentally, also at the same address are listed Dr. Carl Czwiklitzer and his wife Johanna.

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