Henriette Koplowitz

Diedca 1942
? FatherMoritz (Moses) Koplowitz (16/06/1836 – ) 
? MotherMinna Cohn (30/09/1864 – ) 


Yad Vashem's testimonial gives her date and place of birth and names her parents as Moritz and Minna; it says she was married to Hermann (Tzvi) Goldberg. Another testimonial by the same author gives Minna's maiden name as Kohen; it also gives her date of birth as 15/07/1873 which differs from that given in the marriage certificate for Moritz and Minna Cohn. My identification of Henriette's parents is therefore tentative.


yadvashem.org - testimonial to Henriette;
yadvashem.org - testimonial to Minna.

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